selfbeliefSelf Belief   Purchase
This audio has so many positive suggestions on it that I often say it has ''everything we should have heard since day one within it''. What’s on here will help you build up your self-esteem, self-worth, self-acceptance and self-confidence. It’s highly recommended for those wanting to overcome anxiety, depression and feel happier. Clients often say in response to listening to this (for the required 30 days of repetition) that: ''Things don't bother me as much'' and ''I just feel happier''. With Self Belief you will feel calmer and more relaxed in your everyday life. I recommend this to 90% of my clients and it combines well with the 6-session package.

insomniaSleep Now (for Insomnia)   Purchase
Do you find yourself unable to relax at night, your mind racing from one thought to another? Or maybe you have trouble staying asleep? Poor sleep is often a bad habit and therefore we need to re-train the brain to fall asleep and stay asleep. This audio guides you down into the delta sleep state every night plus it also interrupts the habit of ruminating at night, often when you are close to sleep. Use every night for 30 nights to re-program your subconscious to get used to once again falling asleep and staying asleep easily. You too can enjoy deep, natural, restful sleep and awaken feeling refreshed.

weightWeight Reduction   Purchase
This audio helps you to change the way you think and feel about food in a much healthier way, plus increases your desire to exercise too. We have all heard you need to eat less and exercise more to lose the stored weight. There are suggestions here to help you do exactly that. With his audio you are subconsciously learning to avoid the 'white' foods that make you bigger, plus it increases your motivation to exercise and be consistent so that these habits are learned subconsciously too. There are also suggestions to build your self-esteem and confidence in the process. This would be very supportive to get the right mindset with any program you are following too.

smokingSmoking Cessation   Purchase
Hypnosis brings about change deep in your subconscious mind - the place where habits are formed. The urge to smoke is felt at this level of mind, so here is some help to quit this habit by turning your subconscious away from the desire to smoke. This audio helps you separate yourself from the cigarettes and reclaim your health. Learn to reduce cigarette cravings after listening daily for just 30 days and here’s your support. You can use this audio alongside patches, gum if you like however it’s best combined with the Hypnotherapy sessions too, which are tailored to you. Now is the time for you to quit and you can do it with Hypnotherapy.

confidenceConfidence   Purchase
Confidence is one of those things in life we could always have more of, especially in certain areas of our lives. This audio has empowering words and imagery for you, delivered to your subconscious mind, to increase confidence in all aspects of your life. Listening to this for 30 days will be a life enhancing listening experience plus the boost of these positive thoughts and feelings will stay with you throughout the day. You may find that you draw more opportunities towards you too as you are using your energy in a more beneficial way. I often recommend this one after the 6-session process, as you can take your Confidence to another level once you have cleared away the blocks to feeling good about yourself.

motivationMotivation   Purchase
Everyone wants and needs a little more motivation to do what they really want to do and stay on track too. Our thoughts become the outcomes of our life. Through positively shifting what our focus is on, we move toward our goals and become happier, healthier, and wealthier. Here is the boost you need. If you can't stop thinking about it, you won't stop working for it. Experience a driving force to get things done now, in the right way for you to move forward now and take action. This audio will help you get there because motivation is the key to success in everything.

prosperityProsperity and Abundance   Purchase
Prosperity begins in your mind. Your beliefs about money are reflected in what you attract, so here now are the positive thoughts and beliefs for your subconscious mind so that you can increase wealth and prosperity. By developing a positive attitude about money, you attract more abundance in your life. With this audio support you are re-programming your mind with new beliefs about wealth, so that you can bring to you, what you truly deserve without the old limiting beliefs in the way anymore. Plus, this audio has helped a lot of my clients in business increase their income and opportunities.

hynohealingHypnoHealing   Purchase
This audio helps you with guided imagery to focus your mind on healing your body. It can be used for any health condition to promote healing because you direct your mind towards your health and healing. Also, an additional benefit is received by going into the ‘relaxed response’ every day which is the antidote to stress. This stress reduction will also help you handle other aspects of dis-ease. Allow the relaxation and positive wording to become a pleasant part of your daily experience. Remember the placebo response demonstrates that healing begins in the mind, we say the mind commands and the body obeys. You can feel more empowered in your own ability to heal in this way.

IBSOvercoming Irritable Bowel (IBS)   Purchase
This relaxing audio uses gut directed healing imagery to restore balance to your gastro-intestinal area. This allows the mind to focus on your healing whilst being settled and calm, allowing the body to come back to correct balance. The relaxed response becomes part of the day too which is the antidote to stress that may be making the issue worse. Suggestions specifically designed to help all aspects of IBS are here. You will feel calmer on the inside plus on the outside too. Issues such as anxiety, worry and uncertainty can be the underlying emotional cause, so this audio often accompanies therapeutic sessions to treat the root cause.

procrastinationProcrastination   Purchase
Do you put things off until the last minute and create unnecessary stress in the process? Over 80-90% of us procrastinate and it is the 'thief of time'. If you want to overcome this, then this audio is the right one for you. It will increase your desire and motivation to get things done. 'Do it now' becomes your new thought and motto. Learn how to enjoy the satisfaction of taking action and getting things done, so that you have more free time. If procrastination is a symptom of the fear of failing it would also be useful do some sessions to remove that block. This fear is learned, and it can be un-learned.

loveLove and Relationships   Purchase
Everybody wants and needs love. Some people have a 'block' on their feelings or find it challenging to give and/or receive love or even learn to trust again. Know that the past is gone and doesn’t dictate your future nor should it affect the love is rightfully yours. Re-learn what this would look, feel and be like to be in a healthy, loving relationship. This audio will help you attract more love into your life. Filled with positive thoughts, imagery and feelings about true love and loving again. This audio guides your subconscious to create the love you deserve. After using this you will believe you are worthy and deserving of love and be open, ready and willing to attract what you want into your life.

golfGolf Improvement   Purchase
Sports performance is 90% mental. Plus, it has been proven that mental performance is just as powerful as the physical practice too. This relaxing imagery on the golf course makes you move and think like a Professional golfer. You remember and re-enforce all the good games you have had and therefore get your body to remember these movements. Using visualisation and Neuro=Linguistic Programming (NLP), which are rapid tools for change, this makes you a more focused golfer, with good body memory so that you can get the mental edge over other players plus take your game to the next level.

anorexiaOvercoming Eating Disorders   Purchase
Do you want to thrive and survive? I really hope so. Eating disorders can be life threating and it's time to find your way back to health. This audio helps you focus on living well and returning to back to a healthy place in your mind and body. By improving your relationship with food and with yourself, you will feel more empowered and in control. This is a better sense of control than the unhealthy pattern those with eating disorders tend to have. Please combine this with the packages of sessions I offer, to help you glide through any resistance that can come up. Ideally to be used in conjunction with therapy to help you even more live the life you deserve in a healthy way.

hairHair Re-Growth   Purchase
Hair loss is a big stressor for many men and women and is very distressing no matter what age you are. This audio helps you use your mind/body connection to focus on increasing blood flow to the follicles and thereby helps to increase circulation and re-growth. Stress reduction is also part of this relaxation. With positive imagery aimed at growth and health, listening to this everyday for 30 days is also beneficial for you to be in the ‘’relaxed response’’ which is the antidote to the stress response. You will find the suggestions and imagery are exactly what you need to hear also giving you control and influence on your mind/body connection. Using this audio helps you direct your mind to healing this issue and focus on more positive outcomes such as the goal to have fuller, thicker hair.


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