How Can I Control My Appetite?

The problem with diets is if you go on a diet at some point, you expect to come off it, and that can create more weight gain because you then give yourself permission to eat all the things you denied before. Research has provided evidence that almost no one can stick to any diet because of our appetite. So to be successful at weight loss, we need to learn more about controlling our appetites.

Appetite is defined as the natural instinctive and desire for food. Many people confuse hunger with appetite. Hunger is the body’s need for nourishment, so when your body needs fuel, you feel hunger. However, we eat for many reasons besides hunger; we eat for time of day, to celebrate, commiserate, to socialize, and for reward. Plus a lot of our eating is due to emotional reasons rather than true hunger.

Be aware that advertising is covert hypnosis, so we are being influenced through our televisions to want all that extra sugar and trans fat that is being marketed to us by fast food restaurants, which have billion dollar budgets to spend on advertising. Know that this affects your appetite as it works on your desire for the food -- and this happens every day if you are watching TV, so mute those adverts! According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, if we ate a diet based on TV ads, we would eat 2560 percent of the recommended daily servings for sugars, and 2080 percent of the recommended daily servings of fat.

Some tips to help you address appetite control includes eating slowly and really chewing your food. This will allow the signal from stomach to brain to register “I am satisfied” before you have stuffed more in your stomach than you need. This takes around 20 minutes, so take your time to eat. Realize that your stomach is the size of your cupped hands (closed), so that is all you need for a serving of food.

Other tips include avoiding refined carbohydrates, drink plenty of water on a regular basis, and make sure you have fibre in your diet. As far as cravings and emotional eating, various hypnotic and NLP techniques help us to eliminate old conditioned responses, which we have learned from the past. When your appetite has been addressed and any compulsion to overeat has been dealt with, you can easily stick to any type of healthy eating so that it becomes a permanent lifestyle change.


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