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cb 9Hypnotherapy is Psychotherapy that uses the natural, relaxed state of Hypnosis to access the subconscious part of your mind, thereby creating positive changes at the most powerful level of your subconscious mind. If you want to overcome any self limiting thinking, feelings or behaviours, this is a powerful tool for change. During hypnosis you are deeply relaxed, guided by words, suggestions and your imagination. You hear everything that is said and are an active participant, as it is a ''do with'' process and are therefore able to communicate throughout.

Claire has spent the last 20 years discovering what tools really work in therapy, in order to help people create the changes they desire. As an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1999, she uses a combination of the powerful techniques in Hypnotherapy and NLP, Ericksonian methods, HypnoAnalysis, Parts Therapy and Family Constellation work. Her passion is to help people use the power of their minds, to heal their old isssues and to live a more empowered life.

Aswell as a Degree in Psychology plus a further year long Analytical Hypnotherapy training in the UK, Claire also has trained in other healing modalities becoming a NLP Master, Reiki Master, training in Psychological Kinesiology, BodyTalkTM plus Family Constellation Therapy. Her six session approach of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Family Constellation helps people un-learn old patterns and re-learn new ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. Her sucess rate with this system of change is 95% successful.

Hypnotherapy can help you create the changes that you desire in your life. Know that your subconscious mind is very powerful and is always open to new beliefs. You have within you the ability to overcome any self limiting obstacles. So call today and discover how you can create the life that you want. Call now on (403) 397 0011.

In addition to providing Hypnotherapy Sessions, Claire also offers Keynote Motivational Speaking and Informational Seminars. Claire also has a number of Self Help Hypnosis CDs to assist her clients which you can also buy here.  For more information or to begin the process please Contact Claire


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conveniently located in SW Calgary
Tuesday to Friday ~ 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

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